Our production range concentrates on 70% of yarn dye and 30% of piece dye, woven fabrics for shirting. We offer classic formal, semi-formal and casual, light medium weight fabrics from 120 gsm to 300 gsm. 


The yarn count is from 30/1 up to 120/2. From June 2021, Bao Minh will be able to weave up to ne300/1, with our rapier machines, brand new, latest models from Itema. And also Jacquard designs.

Weaving styles: plain, dobby, poplin, oxford, sucker, chambray. We can offer many different finishing techniques, varies from easy care, post cure, moist cure, water repellent, Uv protection, dry cure to carbon peach (sueding), liquid ammonia, up to 4.0 Dp.

Other special finishing process can also be developed upon customer request. 

Beside, Bao Minh also offer commissioning for yarn dye, weaving, finishing and continuous dyeing